Centre for the Traditional Yoruba Culture

Centre for the Traditional Yoruba Culture

Our Mission

We have linked together three continents; Africa, South America, and Europe – three vastly different civilizations with different cultures but with the common roots of humanity.

Our Vision

Uniting continents, our vision is a global community reconnecting with nature and universal virtues, transcending cultural differences for collective self-realization and a fulfilling existence.

Cultural Centre

With partners in South America and Europe.

Our Centre for the Traditional Yoruba Culture has the aim to collect, protect, preserve, support, and present the historical, cultural, symbolic, religious, traditional, ritualistic, theological, magical, and medicinal aspect of the ancient Yoruba culture. We strive to make it known worldwide in its purest traditional form without any Western, colonial, post-colonial, and other influences. We host various groups from all over the world as part of our intercultural exchange.


If you have the possibility of consulting with a person capable of being a spiritual orientator and protector of human life, then such a person can tell you what actions to take in your life that are in harmony with your mission as well as what not to do.

Priests and priestesses

The priests and priestesses who are active in our temple alongside their team of assistant priests originate from environments where the traditional way of Òrìṣà devotion has survived for centuries.

Òrìṣà Philosophy

In essence, the Òrìṣà are the nature. They are a symbol of piety, a philosophy, a concept of life, a distinct lifestyle; they are the essential power and energy encapsulating all meanings of life in every sense. The Òrìṣà are life itself.


Ancestor worship is one of the best prescriptions you can give to anyone because with the help of the ancestors, one is able to find solutions to all problems.


The Òrìṣà and the divinities take their shape through the expressions of nature. They are the creators of the divine and define the affiliation between the humans and the universe.


Orí is the foundation of our personality that determines our good and bad luck, and that is precisely why our Orí (the place in our head) is our most prized possession and the thing we should worship.

The history

The Temple in Abéòkúta represents a continuation of Bàbá King’s mission. To have a mission is to do absolutely everything that is in your power. So the Temple in Abéòkúta started operating even before being built.