The history of the Sàlámì family

The history of the Sàlámì family

Ìyá Wúlèmọ́tù Àlàkẹ́ Ẹ̀rínoṣó Sàlámì, ìyálórìṣà

The spiritual aspect of Bàbá King’s family

His mother Àlàkẹ́ was born into a family of Òrìṣà priests. His maternal grandmother Kẹ́yìndé Ẹnioṣó was a priestess and the founder of the Ọmọlú Burùkú temple in Kénta Okebodè in Abéòkúta. His maternal grandfather was a priest of Ògbóni.

His grandfather on the father’s side, Sàlàkọ́ Sàlámì, was a bàbáláwo. The father of the mother on his father’s side was also a priest and an olúwo. Even after 150 years he is still popularly known as Olúwo Imo. He was a strong spiritual leader, and even though almost 200 years have passed since he was born, people still remember him because he used to be responsible for social wellbeing of the community.

The history of the Sàlámì family

By combining the spiritual mission of his ancestors on both sides, Bàbá King was born to be a healer and a priest. It was known that he inherited a part of this spiritual influence from his ancestors, and because of this, he started to accompany his parents, uncles, and aunts as a child and got to experience the Òrìṣà philosophy early on.

His predestined mission was to become a priest and a healer, and he was also permitted to do things that others would not do. His Western education enabled him to spread the Òrìṣà philosophy on the academic level as well. This is the origin of his spiritual mission: to continue what his ancestors had started.

He has also received spiritual recognition in Abéòkúta, where he was named Bàbá Ẹgbẹ́ of all the bàbáláwo in Abéòkúta and Bàbá Ẹgbẹ́ of all Òrìṣà devotees, priests, and priestesses.

His children have the mission to heal as well, and this is why they have all been encouraged to study medicine. Even though not everyone will become a priest, they still can fulfil the part of the Sàlámì mission, which is to heal either spiritually or by means of any other sort of therapy.